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About “notte”




Since the birth of language, people have kept recording through letters, travelogues, war chronicles, etc. The concept of a “private diary” began in late 13th to 15th century Europe when people started reflecting their personal thoughts on account and ceremonial books. As the trend continues to this day, it can be said that more time spent reflecting on oneself helped accelerate the development of “individuality.”

With the growth of the internet, we now have more resources than ever to record our daily lives via platforms such as blogs and SNS. However, most of these services are in the public sphere―not as a “private diary” which has not evolved much since the old times.

“How can we help evolve the paper diary to fit the needs of modern people?”
That was the starting point for this project.

“notte” (noh teh) is a new style of a diary that records your day through dialogue. Not only can you reflect upon your day while relaxing in bed, it analyzes emotions through your voice.
After a long day, try speaking to notte. Shaped like a bedside lamp, it gently lights your bedroom. Whether you had a good or bad day, its soft voice will listen to your every word. On particularly restless nights, it can guide you through easy breathing exercises. You can reflect back on your daily log on your smartphone, just like a diary. Rest assured you’ll have a brighter morning with notte by your bedside.