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About “neuro tagging map”

スマートフォンアプリ「neuro tagging map」は、位置情報と生体情報を用いた新しいコミュニケーションの提案です。
スマートフォンと生体センサーを用いて、今いる場所に脳波や心拍といった生体情報を元にしたキモチを残す(neuro tagging)。そのことで場所に新しい価値が生まれるとneurowearは考えました。
2012年9月、neurowearはTGS2012に、リラックスした場所を共有することに特化したiPhoneアプリ「neuro taggging map ver.β 」を参考出品し、現在さらなる開発を進めています。

Many animals leave biological information such as horn/nail-marks, body odor, body waste etc. in their living environment to mark their territory or share information such as their health status. It is an important form of animal communication that human beings lost over time.

We asked ourselves if there wasn’t a way to leverage the power of technology to bring this form of instinctive communication back to humans.
The smartphone app “neuro tagging map” offers a new way of communication based on location information and biological information.

The technology behind this app is called “neuro tagging”. It consists of using smartphones and neural sensors to register how people “feel” in their current place, based on biological information such as neural waves and heartbeat. neurowear believes that neuro tagging brings a new value to the places being tagged.

Places where many people got relaxed, places where one particular friend felt so well, places where anybody gets excited….Who knows what kind of new experiences await when maps will be filled with people’s emotions?

In September 2012, neurowear exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 a sample version of “neuro tagging map ver.β”, an iPhone app allowing users to share the places where they relaxed in the venue of the game show. An extended version of this app is currently under development.

*As of September 2012, the service launch date and the compatible devices have not yet been decided.We will keep you informed of further plans on our official Web site and Facebook page.