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About “mononome”

センサーや通信技術の小型化・低価格化・省電力化が進み、あらゆるモノがインターネットに接続する「 IoT(Internet of Things)」という分野が注目を集めています。 “mononome(モノノメ)”はIoTに エンターテインメント性(Entertainment)や感情(Emotion)の要素を加えた世界初の [EYEoT (Eye of things)]システムです。


The area of IoT(Internet of things), owing to the downsizing, low cost and low energy consumption of sensors and communications technology, allows anything to connect to the internet. “mononome” is the worlds first EYEoT (Eye of Things) system that adds E(ntertainment) and E(motion) to IoT.

The eye-shaped device are attached to furniture and home electronics and measures the activities of things with the sensor inside. When things are moved, the eye expressions change and record the activities. We aim to realize a richer quality lifestyle by developing new communication methods between things and humans, develop a natural user interface based on the communication between the two, visualize user habits and provide nudges to enhance daily lifestyles.

System – Ver.1 (2014.10- )


TRACKERにはよく動く目がついており、取り付けることでモノに表情をもたせることができます。表情をもったモノと生活し、その関係を記録することでモノはあなたの家族や友人に近い存在になるでしょう。Tokyo Designers Week 2014でのプロトタイプver.1のデモでは、放っておくと椅子が寂しそうにしたり、お菓子を取り過ぎるとお菓子入れに叱られるといったを体験をすることができました。

“mononome” is comprised of a “tracker” that is fitted to furniture sor home electronics which visualizes emotions based on the activities that it senses, a transmitter called “home” that gathers and transfers the information gathered by the “tracker” and an “app” that visualizes and records the information gathered through the sensors.

The “tracker” is shaped like eyes. With “mononome”, we can add emotions and expressions to things. As they record our relation with them, we believe they will become more close to us like friends and families are.
Our Tokyo Designers Week 2014 demo’s included a chair that expresses loneliness when left alone, and a jar that scolds a child when too much snacks are taken.

System – Ver.2 (2015.8- )

mononome プロトタイプ ver.2では”HOME”をなくし、本体のみで利用できるようになりました。明るさや動きの他に、モノのどこに触れたかを感知するセンサーを搭載し、より繊細なコミュニケーション体験が可能に。

Maker Faire Tokyo 2015では工具箱にver.2を取り付けることで「MAKEするとよろこぶ工具箱」をデモンストレーションしました。
mononone prototype ver.2 is now a stand alone device without the “HOME”. It can now sense brightness, movement and where it is being touched. We also demonstrated a “friendly” toolbox that expresses emotions such as “happiness” when it is being used.


近い将来、働き過ぎを心配した椅子がコーヒーメーカーのスイッチを入れてくれる、しばらく使われていない体重計が寂しそうな目でメッセージを送ってくる、生理用品入れが利用日を記録して今月もそろ そろだよと教えてくれる、遅く帰宅したことに気づいた玄関がスケジュールから翌朝起こす時間を調整してくれるといった「家の中のモノが家族になる」日常が実現するとneurowearは考えています。

In the near future, we aim to create a chair that makes coffee for you when you are working too much, a weight scale that sends you a lonely message when it isn’t used for a long time, a door that realizes that you came home late at night and adjusts the time it wakes you up in the morning. At neurowear, we see a future where things in your home will become your close family that will care for you.