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About “mico”

micoによってもたらされる、ユーザの無意識から音楽が選曲される体験を、我々は”Music Serendipity”と名付けています。
また、”mico”とは”music inspiration from your subconsciousness”の略称です。

“mico” frees the user from having to select songs and artists and allows users to encounter new music just by wearing the device.
The mico system is made up of two parts. the mico headphone, and the mico app for iPhone. The mico headphone detects brainwaves through the sensor on your forehead. The mico app then automatically analyzes the user’s condition of the brain,and searches for music that best matches from the mico music data base, and plays the selection that fits the user’s status.
mico provides a new experience which we call “Music Serendipity”, by detecting the users subconsciousness through their brainwaves.
“mico” is short for “music inspiration from your subconsciousness”.



How it works





mico music database (prototype) contains 100 songs that have been “neuro-tagged” by testing several people’s brain reaction to those songs. Each song is associated to a set of characteristics modeling that song.

The sensor on the forehead detects and analyzes the user brainwaves, then matches them to the closest “neural pattern” pre-recorded in the database to determine the user “neural group”. After determining the user neural group, the algorithm analyzes the user latest brainwaves to determine a set of music characteristics that will best match the user’s mood. The system then looks up the database to match the user with the song that has the closest neural pattern, and actually plays the song.

The accuracy of the system depends on the number of people using the system, so the matching accuracy will keep improving while the user database grows.

The algorithm was co-developed by neurowear and the Mitsukura Laboratory of Keio University. The main developers of the algorithm are Ms. Mitsukura and Mr. Ogino, respectively Professor and Researcher at the Mitsukura Laboratory.


A:ユーザの脳波を独自のアルゴリズムによって解析し、音楽データベースとのマッチングを行っています。詳しくは “How it works”をご覧ください。






Q: How are the songs recommended?
A: The users brainwaves are detected and analyzed by a unique algorithm and then matched to a music database. See “how it works” for details.

Q: What are these “indicators” on the headphone?
A: The indicators represent the users brainwaves. It also represents the status of the brainwaves with an algorithm that detects “drowsiness” “stress” and “focus” too. We do not use these parameters to select the music but to express users mood with headphones.

Q: What are these four patterns on iPhone App?
A: They represent the strength of the 4 characters of detected brainwaves.

Q: Who developed this algorithm? Is this your own algorithm?
A: The algorithm was codeveloped with Keio University in Japan. It is a cutting edge algorithm that is still in stealth.

Q: Can you tell me about the characters / algorithm?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t.

Q: Is this already for sale? When will it go on sale? When will it be released? How much?
A: It is still a concept model and we don’t have any concrete plans to commercialize it yet.
We are looking to partner with music providers and then assess its business model.