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About “marshmallog”


SNSやマルチデバイスの影響で、現代人は注意力のコントロールが難しくなっていると言わ れています。マシュマログは握る動作に集中することと、音やゲームでバイオフィードバッ クを行う事で、コントロール力を自分に取り戻すトレーニングをします。


※マシュマログは開発中のデバイスです。疾患の診断、治癒、緩和、治療または予防に使用 することを目的としたものではありません。

Marshmallog is a connected squishy that you can’t help but to touch. Grab, and hug the Marshmallog when you feel pain or stressed. UIt contains so@ sensors used for robot hands. Sounds and images change according to your way of touching; rub, or grab Bghtly.

Social media and mulBtasking make it harder for people today to control themselvs, especially one’s aEenBon. People can train themselves with Marshmallog to take back their control abiliBes through concentraBng on grasping it and bio-feedback performance such as sounds and games.

It can accumulate the data of Bming of stress and pain occurs, or a touching way and pressure level. We aim to make use of those data in the wellness field in future.

*Marshmallog is in its beta tesBng stage. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, miBgaBon, treatment or prevenBon of disease.



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