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About “Brain Disco”

neurowearは、Qosmo(とのコラボレーションで「Brain Disco」を開発しました。フロアで踊るオーディエンスに脳波センサーを装着してもらい、どのくらい音楽に集中しているかを測定。集中度の平均値が基準値を下回った状態が一定時間以上続くと、DJは強制的に交代させられてしまいます! ダンスフロアを使った脳波実験、「Brain Disco」の第一回が7月26日、恵比寿Gallery KATAにて行いました。
(Video by grkt Inc.

Brain Discoの掟:
2.DJは、Groove Point (GP)を60点を持ってDJをスタート。(RPGにおけるヒットポイント/ライフのようなもの)
4.観客の脳波から推定される集中度(Attention)の平均が閾値 (Threshold)以下だと、DJのGPは一秒ごとに-1 閾値以上であれば +1される。

・About “Brain Disco”
neurowear, teamed up with Qosmo(, developed “Brain Disco”, where DJ must maintain audiences’ “attention”, measured with brainwave sensors, in order to keep DJing. If the average attention value remains less than a given threshold, DJ gets kicked out. The first Brain Disco experiment has been held at Gallery KATA Ebisu in July 26.
(Video by grkt Inc.

Brain Disco Regulations:
1. Each DJ has 10 minutes to warm up the dance floor.
2. Each DJ starts with 60 “Groove Points”(If you are familiar with RPGs,think of a Groove Point, or GP as a “Hit Point” or “Life Point”).
3. 1GP is equivalent to 1 second, which means if you have 60 GP, you can play at least 1 minute no matter how you play.
4. If the average “attention” value measured with brain wave sensors is less than a given threshold (50, for example), GP is deducted by 1. Otherwise, the DJ earns 1GP.
5. If a DJ loses all GPs, then their set is canceled.
6. The Threshold and other parameters are subject to change.